Diagnostics at Clive Brook Volvo

We all have that dreaded moment when the red engine management light appears on the dashboard, or when the car goes into limp home mode and it always happens on a dark wet night or on the motorway.

The thought of having to take your Volvo to a dealer to be diagnosed sounds expensive but here at Clive Brook we want to prove that common misconception wrong.

We are offering the first hours diagnostics on any Volvo completely FREE of charge.

During this hour we will read any stored fault codes and do our best to get to the bottom of the problem and supply you with a competitive quote for the repair.

There is no catch or any hidden upfront costs so why would you trust your Volvo with anyone else?

The first hour diagnostic will be charged at £88.00, however this will be removed from the price of the repair if it is carried out with us making the diagnostics FREE