Protect You and Your Volvo

The Clive Brook CarCare range of products have been designed to provide you with peace of mind motoring and include Auto Trust Asset Protection, Cosmetic Repair Insurance, Tyre Insurance and Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance.

Unexpected costs from mechanical and electrical faults can occur suddenly and at any time, so having protection in place can create reassurance and peace of mind for motorists. We are proud to deliver award-winning, quality cover; offering Warranty, GAP Insurance, Cosmetic Warranty, Tyre and Alloy Protection and Roadside Assistance packages. All protection is specifically designed to meet the needs of individual motorists, keeping you and your Volvo on the road.

It is important for you to understand these products and the benefits they provide. If you had initially decided to decline protection from any of these products, however having had more time to think about it now feel that you would like to enjoy the added cover they provide, then please contact your sales executive.

Auto Trust GAP Asset Protection

For motorists requiring quality protection in case of an unfortunate write-off, GAP provides Asset Protection which covers the difference between the amount paid out by an insurer or third party and the original purchase price of the vehicle. GAP Insurance can pay to help safeguard against the risk of financial shortfall. Policies are available for vehicles up to 10 years old, and run from 24-48 months, safeguarding investments for the long run. To learn more about this product please speak to your sales executive.

Auto Trust Cosmetic Repair

To maintain that showroom-fresh finish, Cosmetic Repair Insurance is designed to protect you against the costs of minor dents, bumps and scratches. We make repairs simple with a quick claims process, so vehicles can sparkle like new and making a claim doesn't affect your cars motor insurance policy. Repair and labour work are covered in the cost, and all repairs are completed efficiently and practically, carried out to the highest standard by fully qualified specialists. To find out more about the quality products and services offered please speak to your sales executive.