Voice of Volvo (26th June 2020)

Welcome to our brand new 'Voice of Volvo' - every week we will discuss a Volvo related topic. If you have anything you wish us to discuss then please email clive@clivebrook.co.uk and we can endeavour to cover that topic in our Voice of Volvo weekly chat room.

Since opening our showrooms in Bradford and Huddersfield on 1st June, Clive Brook Ltd has seen an unprecented pent-up demand for both new and used Volvos, significantly more than we had ever imagined.

As a result many retailers have found selling stock less of a challenge as some had initially feared. However, sourcing it remains a major concern. Auction houses are one of the main indicators that determines used car prices and with these only just being allowed to reopen their doors, this has meant that used car prices could in fact be on the rise.

This is not a problem for us, we have plenty of new and used Volvos in stock, in fact nearly 300 and all available for immediate delivery. This is probably the largest choice of Volvo cars in West Yorkshire. It's fair to say that the majority of this stock is SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles), however we have some fantastic offers available on estates and saloons. These are hugely supported by the manufacuturer and therefore a fantastic time to get a superb discount. Whilst we are open, the safety of our customers and colleagues remains our number one priority and our showrooms are santised daily and all staff have been fully trained on new safety procedures. You can reserve any car online for just £99, buy online and either pick up from the dealership nearest to you or we can deliver the car. It's really your choice.

For those of you on the Motability scheme we are pleased to announce that new customers wishing to join the scheme can place an application from 1 July 2020. Existing customers who are in the final three months of their lease or have had their lease extended due to COVID-19 can place their applications now. Pricing is live for orders placed up until 30 June and new pricing will be launched on 1 July 2020.

If there is any particular Volvo topic that you would like us to cover in our weekly chat room then please email clive@clivebrook.co.uk and we will endeavour to cover it for you.

Clive Brook Volvo - open safely for you!