Vehicle Body Repair Specialists

Helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible

Unfortunately, accidents can happen whether it's your fault or caused by someone else, whoever is at fault you will want to be certain that your Volvo car is repaired using Volvo’s exacting repair standards, you will also want the reassurance that Volvo's reputation for safety is not compromised.

In the event of an accident you can make the choice of who repairs your Volvo. Naturally, we would recommend that all Volvo's are repaired using a Volvo Approved Bodyshop where Volvo repair methods are followed and only 100% genuine Volvo parts are guaranteed to be fitted during the repair process.

Volvo's Approved Bodyshop network are trained and equipped to be able to repair your car to Volvo's high safety and quality standards. When turning to an approved Volvo Bodyshop, you can be certain that your car will be repaired by a trained technician at a Bodyshop that complies to Volvo's high body repair competence standards, ensuring that the highest safety, quality and environmental demands are met.

When your repair is complete, you will receive a 5 year repair guarantee, only available at a Volvo approved body repair centre.

Simply call Adam Head on 01274 802992 and we will arrange for your Volvo to be repaired at a Volvo approved body shop that use only Volvo Genuine Parts, fitted by factory trained technicians, using the latest Volvo repair methods.

Both your NCAP safety rating and your anti corrosion warranty are protected and you will be provided with a replacement car for the duration of the repairs.

In the event of an accident, call 0800 777 116 making sure you select option 2 which will get you straight through to the team

For further information about Volvo Accident and Repair please click Here

Our preferred Body Repair Specialists are Master Cars (Birstall) Ltd. They are a privately owned accident repair company, located in the West Yorkshire area. Established in 1990, they have a wealth of experience in the industry and a team of dedicated technicians, to ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in the shortest time possible, without compromising on quality. They work on all makes of cars, not just Volvo cars, so whether it's a minor scratch or major damage, we are here to help.

Master Cars (Birstall) Limited holds the stringent British Standard Kitemark accreditation and are regularly audited to ensure we continue to adhere to the standard.

Their number one priority as a BSI Kitemark approved accident repair centre is your safety. Whether you are a vehicle driver, passenger or fleet manager, you want to be comfortable in the knowledge that, in the event of an accident, any vehicle on the road will behave in the way the manufacturer originally intended.

That is why every repair Mastercars undertake is carried out to the BSI Kitemark Standard and all their technicians are fully trained to perform any type of cosmetic or structural repair and ensure the correct method is used for repairing your vehicle.

Before you choose a bodyshop to repair your vehicle, look for the Kitemark symbol. You can guarantee your car's safety by choosing Master Cars (Birstall) Limited.