As if it wasn't already hard enough to write off a Volvo!
Before you declare a borderline write off on a Volvo car, contact us for help bringing repair costs down within the allowable maximum.

Volvo borderline is designed to help bodyshop, Volvo approved and others to repair more Volvo vehicles which otherwise would have been declared a total loss by an insurer. Total loss levels have risen dramatically in recent years and many repairers have faced significant reductions in repair volumes therefore the programme will offer an immediate benefit to bodyshop's.

How does it work?

Where a bodyshop has carried out a damage assessment that indicates a repair cost which is marginally above the maximum repair value allowed by the insurer, the bodyshop may apply to Volvo for support in order to make the repair viable. Volvo will offer additional part margin, provided that both the bodyshop and insurer are also taking a flexible approach to the repair costs in order to avoid the vehicle becoming a total loss. It will be important to process an application quickly in order to reach an agreement with the insurer before the customer believes that their vehicle is beyond repair.

How will the additional discount be paid?

Once the repairs are completed, the bodyshop should email scanned copies of purchase invoices for all parts, identified with the authorisation number to the same address.
Once the invoiced have been verified, a credit will be issued to the Volvo dealer supplying the parts who will then transfer the credit to the bodyshop.

Simple - Just email us the application form
Fast - You'll have a decision within 4 hours

Currently, Borderline is saving for repair 82% of all applications submitted. The average estimated value is currently running at £6,261 for labour parts and paint.