Volvo Health Check

Get your Volvo ready for it's next adventure with a Summer Health Check and Air Con Refresh for just £24.99

Whenever you next visit Clive Brook Service Centre for repair or service maintenance we can undertake a Health Check on your Volvo.

The components and systems within the check will be rated either red, amber or green, highlighting any actions that may be required and, importantly whether the repair is urgent (Red), imminent (Amber) or all is well (Green).


Item requires immediate attention. This can often be due to safety and/or legal implications. Your Volvo Service Centre will contact you and provide details of the repairs required together with a quote. You may also be able to view the findings online using our Video technology.

This is to advise of repairs that will be required in the near future, your Volvo Service Centre will discuss this with you to agree a suitable follow up date to contact you and arrange for the repairs to be undertaken.

All is well, no action is required and you Volvo is performing at its optimum level.

The Volvo Health Check comprises of up to 40 separate checks / inspections and covers items such as:

  • Brake pads and discs condition and wear
  • Tyre condition and wear
  • Suspension and steering condition and wear
  • Exhaust system condition / leaks
  • All fluid levels - Engine, Power Steering, Brake and Coolant (including coolant strength)
  • Check for water and oil leaks
  • Front and Rear washers and wipers
  • Lights
  • Bodywork for damage


Using the technology now available, our experienced technicians are able to video any area’s of concern that may be identified and forward this on to you, together with a quote, for consideration.

This enables you to make an informed decision immediately and to authorise any work required from your computer or mobile device should you choose to proceed.

Book your Health Check today!


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