Live interview Podcast with Clive Brook and Curtis Hutchinson

This week I had the privilege of being asked to take part in a live Podcast with Curtis Hutchinson, a specialist in the UK car retailing sector for over 20 years and a former editor of Motor Trader, so he certainly knows a thing or two about the industry.

During the interiew I was asked about how my journey first began with Volvo and for those of you who don't know it started as an apprentice technician with Olaf Olafsson in Huddersfield as a summer job! We discussed how far the Volvo brand has come from those early days and their current market share to plans for the future of Clive Brook Volvo. I gave an honest account of life during lockdown and the lessons we have learnt and how we have tackled the re-opening processes to achieve a record breaking June - thanks to you our loyal and much valued customers. The discussion then led onto how 'The Voice of Volvo' was born which was ultimately to give you, our Volvo owners more information about Volvo related topics.

Catch this week’s unmissable interview with Clive Brook, the owner-driver of Bradford and Huddersfield-based Clive Brook Ltd ( Volvo Bradford & Huddersfield).

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Podcast with Clive Brook and Curtis Hutchinson